What is Islam?

Islam basically means submission to Allah (The one and only God) and Belief in all the Prophets and their books. Islam teaches that one can only find true peace in one’s life by submitting to the one and only God (Allah) in heart, soul and deed. One who submits to the one and only God and follows Islam, is called a Muslim.

There are 6 pillars of faith in Islam.

  1. The belief in the one and only God, Allah.
  2. The belief in God’s Angels (They are not his partners or equals).
  3. The belief in the Holy Scriptures
  4. The belief in the Messengers
  5. The belief in life after death and the Resurrection
  6. The belief in divine decree (Qadr’)

Please download an “Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam” which includes the basics on Islam, Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) and also Scientific Miracles in the Quran.

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